The Burren - Kilfenora - The City of the Crosses
The South Burren including the ancient religious site of Kilfenora with its seven carved medieval crosses.
1988, 7pp, 27 b&w illustrations.

The town of Kilfenora lies at the south-west edge of the Burren. It has a long history as an important early monastic settlement and later as a religious centre from the 12-13th centuries. This is shown by the presence of five stone crosses which stand within or near the now ruined cathedral.

It is a place to wander around slowly, looking at the beautiful stone carvings, such as the group of monks on the capitals of the 12th century East window in the cathedral, or wondering over the images on the 'Doorty' High Cross, which records the change in status of Kilfenora from a monastery
to the centre of a diocese in 1152.

2001 saw the opening of a refurbished and enlarged visitor centre which has excellent displays on the forming of the Burren, its natural history, the lives of the people of the Burren from the first settlers, over 5,000 years ago, to medieval times and the history and folklore of the 19th century.

Splendid examples of every type of antiquity can be found within a few miles of the town. Cathair Chonail is a very large and nearly perfect ringfort, close to the road from Kilfenora to Ballyvaughan. Closer to the town lies the small hamlet of Noughaval, 'new habitation or dwelling' in Irish, with its 12th century church. An outdoor altar made up of a simple
cross slotted into a horizontal stone slab can be seen in the churchyard and a variety of ringforts and enclosures, wedge tombs and cairns can be explored to the South of the church.

Finally, Lemeneagh Castle, about three miles east of Kilfenora, is a wonderfully evocative site with a highly
romantic history. It is a five story 15th century tower house, later enlarged to a four story mansion in the 17th century.

These are just a few of the places to see around Kilfenora; there are many others to be found by the adventurous traveller.

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